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  • Enjoy KDOL TV-13’s live stream of the inauguration

    Are you looking to watch the inauguration of President Obama live online? KDOL TV-13 is providing a live stream of the event, so be sure to check it out! The inauguration of President Obama will be available live on KDOL TV-13. KDOL TV-13 is one of the many channels providing coverage of the inauguration of […]

  • Create a Photo Album That Knocks Your Family and Friends Dead on their Socks

    Looking to create a beautiful photo album that will knock your family and friends dead on their socks? Look no further than this easy to follow guide! With simple steps and helpful tips, you’ll have a beautifully organized and impressive album in no time at all! Create a beautiful photo album with easy to follow […]

  • How to Find the Right Staff Writer

    Finding the right staff writer can be a daunting task, but by following a few tips, you can easily find the right person for the job. Identify your needs. To be successful in finding the right staff writer for your company, you need to identify your specific needs. You will want to ask yourself a […]

  • From Your Phone to the Whole Earth: How to Build a Smart Home Network

    Are you tired of remotes controlling your home devices? Do you want to be able to control them from anywhere in the world, using your phone? If so, then building a smart home network is the perfect solution for you! By following the steps outlined in this article, you can connect your home devices to […]

  • The amazing Hearst Castle tour

    If you’re looking for an unforgettable vacation spot, check out the Hearst Castle! This beautiful estate is home to stunning art galleries, a botanical garden, a restored opera house, and so much more. The tours are fantastic, and you’ll leave with a deep respect for art and history. The Hearst Castle is a stunning estate […]

  • “5 Ways to Maximize Your Media Academy’s Teen Magazine Experience”

    Whether you’re a teen looking for a way to get involved in the journalism industry, or an adult who wants to give your teen a unique and challenging experience, the Media Academy’s teen magazine is a great way to do both. Get involved: find ways to be a part of the magazine, from submitting articles […]

  • The Best Latin Rock Albums of All Time

    For those who love Latin rock music, these are the best albums ever! Whether you’re a longtime fan or just getting into the genre, these albums are sure to please. From iconic bands like Santana and Tito Puente to lesser-known gems, this list has it all. So whether you’re looking for a new favorite album […]

  • How to Land the Perfect Media Internship

    If you’re looking for a summer internship with a top media company, it’s important to do your research first. Check out the company’s website, learn about their editorial process and newsroom, and make sure you have a strong portfolio. Once you’ve got all of that covered, start networking and building relationships with the right people. […]

  • The New Hope for Keeping Teenagers Out of Trouble

    With schools increasingly pressured to focus on testing and other academic benchmarks, many teens have turned to alternative programs that promise to keep them out of trouble. The New Hope is one such program, and it has proven to be a successful way to prevent teenage misbehavior. What is The New Hope? The New Hope […]

  • Get In On Our Exclusive Admission Process

    Do you want to be one of the lucky few who get to see the newest exhibition before everyone else? Well, we have just the exclusive admission process for you! With this service, you can get in before everyone else and snag the best seats. So what are you waiting for? Get on our list […]