The Media Academy offers Radio classes. We have our own radio studio that gives students opportunities to practice broadcasting skills and other jobs related to broadcasting. We are currently broadcasting over the air at 88.1 FM Tiger Radio.
Students produce their own radio shows on weekdays and is aired on weekends on KDOL Cable Channel 13. The station has received grants that have paid for some equipment. The new studio that was recently finished has sound booths for recording and broadcasting. Now their are more equiptment for students to use.

We now have turn tables which the students could use to mix thier own musics and burn it on a CD.

These following are radio groups that are currently broadcasting daily. Click on one to learn more about them:

5 plus one
Platinum Plus

Scrach & sniff
Solo para bailadores

Fremont’s Finest
DX/Who Ridas

THIS IS STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION……Links will be active soon…